Friday, February 5, 2010

Chile update 1

Currently, World Class Kayak Academy is in Chile. We have been here since the 17th of January and having a blast. We started off our trip with a week on el rio Maipo. This river has three sections: the upper, middle, and lower. We spent our time on the Upper and Lower.
The upper puts in at the Rio Yeso, a quarter mile of fast, chunky class IV creeking. The Yeso then spills into the Upper Maipo, big water scattered with huge holes, huge waves, and lots of fairly good play waves. By the end of our time on that section, we racked up 3 swims (one of which was mine), a lot helmet, and a lost paddle. In addition to the upper, we ran the more mellow Lower section. With much more play and quite a bit less carnage, it made for a great after-school paddle.

Hike to Glacial lake
El rio Yeso
View from our house
A few of our boats

Our next stop was the Siete Tazas. This section of waterfalls is located on the rio Claro, and is the perfect stomping grounds for beginning huckers. We spent three days here, each day running the falls. Every one did really well and it was a blast.

Our next stop was Pucon, Chile. Pucon is a whitewater mecca for Chile. A post will come soon for Pucon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sullivan Hole!!!! 11/18

Today at 9 AM, the first good feature in Spokane became good. We have had no where to boat since about July. 5 of us were out at about 3- dusk, havin a blast! Pics to come!

Seattle Weekend 11/12/09

This weekend me, Austin Dannen, and Blake Sommers traveled from home in Spokane, Washington to Seattle. Peak 7 Adventures is starting a satelite location in Seattle, and there was a meeting/party thursday night that we attended to. After that, the boating was on. We headed to the Snapdragon shop Friday morning, and then to the Skykomish river. It was running about 3800 CFS, which is a fairly low flow, but average for the time of year. Austin in an IK, me and Blake in hardshells. We picked up Brett Barton and his friend on the side of the road, she broke her ribs (or it seemed like) so they pre-shuttled for us. That was sweet. All the rapids before Boulder drop were super fun, and pretty easy. Austin got out and portaged boulder drop while me and blake took one last look. We ran Neds, and it was super fun.
The next day, we headed over to the coast for Donkey creek. Donkey creek has 3 falls, all very beautiful. The very top one is a 16' pool drop named perfection falls. We spent the day here huckin and havin fun.
Sunday we met up with Joel Werdell and ran the Middle Middle. Me and Austin ran in the Duo, which was AWESOME!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trail Wave 10/17

Our second try up to Trail, BC and both hero hole and trail wave were in. The whole family came, making a nice weekend. Jud, Erin, Kurtis, and a few other local Canadian boaters were there.

Boo yah

Jud Keiser

The Party